Automaton3D Quantum Laboratory

This application is the Quantum edition of the Automaton3D application, which is also freely available at the Atomic Concepts web site. The automata created in the quantum edition are identical to those created in the original 3D version. The only difference is that the process of constructing and displaying the automata happens immediately, without the need to wait until the final structure has been calculated and displayed. This is possible by pre-calculating the duration of time required, given the automaton's specification, for each of the automaton's points to complete one full cycle of movement (i.e. for each point to return to its initial position in space). Then the final form of the automaton can be immediately displayed. In order to understand how the final form is achieved, it is advisable to first experiment with the original Automaton3D application in order to see how the resulting automaton is created and to compare the two versions.

Other than the ability to pre-calculate and display the automaton, there a couple of subtle differences between the two versions of this application.

See the help file for a more complete description.

Version:         1.0
Platform:        Microsoft Windows
1.3 Mb

            Atomic Concepts Software

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